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Friday, March 20, 2015
Fairfield Regional Fire School Gains $11M In State Funds For Improvements

Gov. Dannel Malloy with the Fairfield Legislative Delegation, representatives from Fairfield, Stratfield & Southport Fire Departments, and the Hartford County, Eastern, Fairfield & Valley Chiefs Regional Fire Schools Photo Credit: Contributed

FAIRFIELD — The State Bond Commission has approved $11.4 million in funds for improvements to the Fairfield Regional Fire School.

The Fairfield Regional Fire School project will consist of construction of a 9,424-square-foot classroom building, a 5,600-square-foot support building, a 3,200-square-foot class ‘A’ burn facility, paved parking areas, underground utilities and demolition of the existing building. The project will create or retain 220 construction-related jobs.

For a virtual tour of the future Fairfield Regional Fire School, currently scheduled to be completed by late 2015, click here.

The Fairfield Regional Fire School is at 205 One Rod Highway in Fairfield. It is the training base for the Fairfield Fire Department and also serves as a fire training school for Greenwich, Stamford, Darien, Norwalk, Westport, Wilton, Easton, Trumbull, Bridgeport and Stratford as well.

The Fire School is host to a number of Connecticut Fire Academy certification classes as well as courses in Firefighting, Extinguisher Deployment, CPR, Hazardous Materials and Technical Rescue.

"We are very exciting about Fairfield Regional Fire School getting this state funding. It is 16 years in the making, through the work of Captain Joseph S. Elias to me and on to a future chief. I want to thank the whole Fairfield Delegation who worked in a bipartisan way to shepherd this bond item through the system,” said Assistant Fire Chief Chris Tracy.

"The Fairfield Regional Fire School trains some of the best firefighters in Connecticut and this funding will permit a greater ability to train and equip our region’s firefighters,” said state Rep. Brenda Kupchick.

"Our firefighters need the best training available in order to respond to all potential dangerous scenarios, and we must provide them with a safe and modern facility to learn the skills we rely on them to deliver,” said Rep. Laura Devlin.

"As we once again find ourselves in an incredibly difficult budget cycle, it’s imperative as responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars that we weigh the merits of every single expenditure, including bonding requests,” state Sen. Tony Hwang said. "I am pleased that the State Bond Commission saw the merits of the Fairfield Regional Fire School and the critical role the facility plays in ensuring our brave firefighters have the training and tools they need to best protect us and themselves when they go in harm’s way. This truly is a life-saving investment.”

Rep. Cristin McCarthy Vahey said, "These funds represent a continued commitment to enhancing public safety and firefighter training in Fairfield County. ... According to the Fairfield Regional Fire School their school provides all first responders within our region the highest level of training possible so they can stay safe while saving others."